inodo s.r.o , guarantees that its components are free from material and production damages for 6 months from the goods dispatch.

The guarantee is strongly limited to the repairs or replacement (for inodo s.r.o, Brno, Czech republic) of any part or parts defective due to material or production. It is subject to review at inodo s.r.o. The part must be returned with a detail defect description, the transport fee is paid by the client. inodo s.r.o, is not responsible for circumstances outside its field of activity, for component damage due to accident, natural disaster, violence,... This guarantee will not apply to components which according to the exclusive decision of inodo s.r.o, were contaminated, overheated, handled carelessly, unsuitably used, or otherwise abused. The client is obliged to provide a specialist installation in compliance with the applicable ČSN standards and also provide specialized employees for the device assembly and operation. The changes in the circuit or other parts which can adversely affect components from inodo s.r.o , will result in void guarantee.

In no cases quoted above can the client demand the termination or contract compensation in relation to damage or compensation for any costs, such as for work required to replace defective parts.

inodo s.r.o, do not award any further guarantees direct or included, and they are not responsible for any further damages resulting from the use by any purchaser or user, their responsibility is limited to the value of sold components or the obligation related to the replacement of the defective part. inodo s.r.o, will in no case be responsible for the loss of profit, subsequent damages, or losses on any device, installation, activity or service system, in which the components from inodo s.r.o, can be fitted.

inodo s.r.o, will not guarantee for any breaches of warranty, delivery failure or any other cases except for herein specified.

The guarantee terminates upon removing the production label.

Further negotiations are subject to the commercial code.

In order to approve the claims, the purchaser must notify of the defect in writing without any delay including the description. The right to accept noticeable damages terminates 30 days from accepting the goods.

The guarantee fulfilment is based on the seller\'s consideration and agreement with the purchaser as regards:

  • - delivery of replacement goods for defective goods, or delivering missing goods
  • - repairing the defect, providing it\'s repairable
  • - purchase price discount
  • - withdrawal from contract 

All delivered components from inodo s.r.o, are checked any tested by the manufacturer  in compliance with the traditions and technical specifications of the manufacturer. Since the installation and operation of the device by the client cannot be exactly evaluated and reproduced by inodo s.r.o, the provision of component suitability from inodo s.r.o, in the client\'s application, is the client\'s responsibility.